Flood Luminaires

IP65 Architectural Flood Luminaire

Ground Recessed Luminaires

In-ground luminaires are noticed eye-catchers since the light source is positioned at ground level and the distinctive upward light direction immediately attracts attention. In this respect they also assume some tasks of directive lighting, e.g. by marking pathways or highlighting entrances. In addition to these rather technical applications, the luminaires can also provide highly effective architectural lighting.

Underwater Luminaires

IP67 and IK10 for sumberged installation

Wall Luminaires


Vertical surfaces in an urban setting contribute significantly to the spatial definition of squares, road axes and buildings. From the point of view of perception psychology and design, façade lighting thus is a key element in the night lighting concept for urban areas. The wide range of façade luminaires allows for a variety of lighting solutions that range from grazing light on façades to pathway lighting.


Wall Washers & Grazers


Innovative and textured material selection on facade are trending nowadays increasing the want of wall washing illumination. From modern to cultural architectural linear seamless illumination is doubtless necessity .


Bollards & Poles


Buildings and their surroundings require a range of lighting solutions for the various tasks from the functional lighting of pathways, stairs or open areas to the dramatic lighting of façades. Luminaire ranges with different but predominantly wide-beam, asymmetrical light distributions can be used to solve these problems. Each range of products with a uniform design provides the lighting designer with a choice of mounting and luminaire position options.