Wall Luminaire

  • Slim, Sleek and modern
  • Mono and dual way light output


Featuring timeless design and equipped with reflectors for extraordinary light effects, Guce is a classic in the Zess collection. This attractive family has fixtures for indoor as well as outdoor lighting and comes in different colours. The Guce is equipped with a LED cluster protected by a glued prismatic glass, resulting in an IP65 fixture with diffused light effect, making it suitable for both wet areas and outdoor use.

The luminaire rated as CLASS I with internal driver. Colour temperature options : 2700K to 4000K . The LED life time 30,000 Hours.

Series Model No. Lamp Power Lumen EEC Colour Beam Weight
Guce Mono 007107 LED 7 W 550 lm A++ W27 / W30 / W40 / W57 60° 1.1 kg.
Guce Dual 007115 LED 15W 1150 lm A+ W27 / W30 / W40 / W57 60° 1.2 kg.

Sleek & Slim with bold design

façade luminaires with upward and downward beam emission structure large façades, whilst emphasizing the three-dimensionality of materials with grazing light.The luminaire spacing for accentuation
depends on the grid pattern of the architecture.

Uniform luminaire arrangement

For uniform wash lighting of the vertical surface and symmetry, the luminaire spacing (d) may be up to 2 times the mounting height (h).

Application Images